Journals Aren’t Just Diaries for Men

So my buddy Robert M from work shared a tip with me that he got at a leadership course he is taking.  The instuctor said that all leaders should keep journals.  The journal will help their development into being a better leader by allowing you to explore your challenges and accomplishments.

OK so I bit.  I went out and bought one of those black and white composition books.  You know . . . that one’s you had to buy if you were late shopping for school supplies and it was all they had left.

Poor Man Notebook

My first entry, started out with an awful introduction of myself, I guess, in the off chance that mine is the journal aliens find thousands of years from now.  This is now my personal Voyager.  But oddly enough the entries after the first one have become increasingly more theraputic and interesting . . .I think.

What started out as a Journal on leadership has become my own version of a “what happened today” memory aid and a place where I can muse without publishing . . . . .although I expect that it will allow me to develop more content for my blogs.  Which should be good for both of us.  😉

As I wrote in that landmark first entry I often feel as though I’m getting little bits of ideas and views about that I’m supposed to do (you know when I grow up) but I lose them under the demands at work and when the next idea comes along.  This journal has given me a place to put all of these pieces together and see where it takes me.

So do you have a journal or a diary, how do you use it, how frequently do you write in it and what has writing in it done for you?


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