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Looking for that high impact training program for next year.  Soon Managers across the country will be reviewing their training needs and laying out plans for next year.  Let me offer a kind of wildcard you may not have thought of.  I was in exactly the same position last year.   And as I looked at the mountain of stuff in my in box I had a revelation . . . what if I could find a speed reading course to get through all of this stuff faster.

After doing a little research I found a company out of Charlotte called ExecuRead.  Dr. Stewart, the primary trainer for ExecuRead, promised results in just two 5 hour classes.  I was sceptical but willing to try.  I was never a very confident reader mainly because I dreaded how long it would take me to read the book.

I can now safely say that it was the most impactful training I have every had the opportunity of taking.  At the start of the lesson you perform a reading speed and comprehension test.  I was tested at about 270 words per minute with 80% comprehension.  In just 10 hours I was able to raise that to 1250 WPM with 100% comprehension.  That’s right faster speeds and higher comprehension.

In the three months since Dr. Stewart’s class I have read more books, both business and pleasure, then I have read in the 15 years since high school.  Dr. Stewart will come to your office to perform the training in fact many companies have standing engagements with him.  This has truely provided me with a real competitive edge that is netting results.  If you are interested call him up and mention that I recommended his service to you and he’ll give YOU $50 off.  What a deal . . . . gotta get back to my book . . . .

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