If You’re Going to Be Graded You Ought to Know The Scale

In a review recently an employee brought up a fantastic point.  You see he is a newer employee and this was his first review with our organization.  During the review itself, we spent a good deal to time discussing the organization’s choices in format and scale.  And in the end his point that he should have been presented the format and scale by which we would be measured was dead on.

Sometimes as managers we can forget that when a permenant employee is brought directly on board, there is no probationary review where they get to see and experience the format of our evaluations.  Taking the time upfront to provide them the opportunity to see the format and ask questions will only improve their ability to meet the requirements of the position.  I mean after all, what is the difference between frequently exceeds expectations and consistently exceeds expectations . . . .good performance  or just low expectations. 

Early in their tenure they should not only receive their full job description but you should also take the time to present them with  a blank review and the scale so they get to know the tools you’ll be using to do your evaluation. 


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