Merry Christm . . . .ohh is that a Wii?

So I finally got a chance to play with a Wii . . . and it kicked my butt!

The end of the year can be a very stressful time for those in business. Beyond trying to ensure your customers are having a happy holiday season, it’s also when you are trying, sometimes in vain, to close out your projects which are due that year . . . while you are planning for your projects in the next year. Our business is no different, so we decided to throw a luncheon for our staff to say thank you for an incredible year and to take a bit of breather during this hectic time.

Being an IT organization, the organizers also came up with the great idea of setting up a Nintendo Wii and a LCD Projector so the guests could have a little entertainment while they noshed on holiday treats. This was my first experience with a Wii. In the rare instance when I get a chance to play a computer game, I’ll choose a first person shooter or the latest edition of Madden!

First, four of us played the bowling game together and bowled an entire 10 frame game. I was amazed how sensitive the controllers were and how using a little bit of english you could positively, on negatively, affect that roll of the ball.

We all got very into setting up our shots and using a flick of the wrist to add side to side action on each roll. In short is was absolutely addictive. Just like real bowling we were chearing strikes and spares and challenging each other with beer frames. It was a blast. And interestingly enough I scored near my real bowling average, 115.

Next we switched to boxing. Now I love boxing. I’ve been a boxing fan since I was 12 and I would stay up late to watch Mike Tyson obliterate opponents on HBO Boxing. Every boxing game I’ve played up to the point, sucked! So you might say I was going to be a hardsell on this game. Again I was very pleasantly surprised. The controllers gave a pretty good representation of the bobbing and weaving that I was trying to do. There was some latency in the actually punches but overall it was a great experience.

So I boxed three fights, which I won 2, and the hook was sunk. Now I really want to get a Wii . . . .that was until the next morning. I’m sure it was the vigorous punching but the next morning I could barely move my shooulders, triceps, and lats. I felt like I had done the best arm and shoulder work out in years. I was sore for two days . . . . I mean it sincerely . . . I loved it. Imaging a gaming system that is this much fun and provides you the type of work out you’ve needed. I can’t wait till I can convince Lauren that we need to get one of these.

Merry Christmas and if you got one of these from Santa . . call me!


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  1. Oh, you need to get a Wii. I have one and it’s amazing. You can even download the original Nintendo games like Mario Brothers, Super Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong, etc. What a flashback!

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