Blockbuster Testing NEW Rental Pricing

So it’s raining here in Raleigh and the Princess suggested I head up to Blockbuster to rent a couple flicks. So I row my car through the rain and finally make it to the store.

By the way did everybody in Raleigh go the same Blockbuster at the same time?? Man that place was packed.

I picked up National Treasure 2 and Jumper . . . Reviews will follow later.

After waiting in line for what had to be 10 minutes, the uber chipper girl behind the counter says they are testing a new rental plan . . . .” All movies at now just $3.99 and that’s good till Tuesday, if you feel like you want to keep them longer it’s just 99 cents a day”

My response was . . . “you know that’s funny that sounds just like the pricing plan before Blockbuster very publically touted the end of late fees”

Did Blockbuster really think they are going to slip this reversal of their pricing as a “we are testing a new pricing plan”? Do they think Americans are that dumb? Why not come out and say we had to end the no lates fees policy because lazy people were renting movies and then giving them as gifts! Or they were getting taken to the cleaners whatever, , , but “we’re testing a new pricing plan”.?!?!?!?!?

I guess I’ll starting “testing” that other movie place down the block, or the red box by the front door of my grocery store . . . . . but I’ll tell you these will be the last movies I rent from Blockbuster . . . . hell I paid almost $9.00 for what has so far turned out to be one crappy movie (the other is TBD). For $20 I could have bought 4 previously viewed flicks from them. So while I won’t rent movies from them anymore . . . I might use them to buy the ones I like . . . . hey, 5 bucks a movie ain’t bad.

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  1. I don’t beleive I said it was difficult to understand . . .it’s very straight forward. Blockbuster is again charging late fees. Fine, certainly within their right.

    Except I signed up when there were no late fees. So I’ll be excersing my right not to rent movies from them, just as I didn’t when they charged late fees before.

    And as far a providing feedback to Blockbuster about the terms . . . . that’s WHY I wrote this blog.

  2. Blockbuster is testing several new pricing/terms plans in various locations across the country. Your location is one of the test markets. The plan you are mentioning was nothing at all like the pricing plan Blockbuster had before The End Of Late Fees [which by the way was the idea of upper management that no longer is with the company.]
    So you are in a test market. What is hard to understand about that? The best thing you can do is provide feedback to Blockbuster about the terms that are being offered in that market.

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