File That One Under Dumb

So I’ve finished moving into my new desk at work. I was getting some things set up yesterday and I was trying to pull a group of hanging file folders out of the back of the bottom drawer of my desk.

The group of files was stuck and they were not going to move. So instead of investigating the source of the wedge, I decide “I’m going to muscle them out”. As I did the 4 inch section of files did eventually come loose. Unfortunately for me the potential energy I had stored in them as I wrenched them out of the drawer quickly became kinetic energy as the group of files rotated and the top of the folders smashed into my face. In particular, into my nose.

Had this been the end of the story it would not have been worth telling. So now, having been hit in the face, my first reaction was to lower my head and quickly pull the weapon (stack of folders) away from my face. Can you see where I’m going? Maybe this illustration will help:

That doesn’t help let me zoom in a little closer:

When I instantly lowered my head and simultaneously withdraw the weapon (ala Steve Erwin) one of the metal hooks caught the inside of my nose and tore through the edge of the nostril toward the peak of my nose making my nostril about 25% wider.  OUCH!

Of course I thought I just hit myself in the face until the blood started pouring out of my nose.  Luckily a co-worker, Judy B . . my angel of mercy, came running when she heard the string of profanities leave my cubical.  She quickly got paper towels as I cupped the blood under my nose.

Thankfully there is a hospital across the street and after the bleeding slowed and it became apparent that stitches were in order, I drove myself to the ER where the nurse, Pam, and the doc gave me a hard time about losing a fight to a hanging folder.

Two hours and six stitches later I was back at work.

To be sure that I would not fear the need to file again, I jumped right back on that horse and filed another 10 documents.  Yeah Me! 

File that one under dumb!

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  1. Hmm…Stitchnose does not quite have the right ring. Ah well…I’ll think of a good nickname to mock you with by the time of the draft.

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