Aiden Rides a Two Wheeler!

So today I took Aiden’s training wheels off of the new bike and we went up to the school determined to learn how to ride a two wheeler.  Aiden was clearly a little concerned but he jumped at the chance anyway. 

We started off having him peddle with me running next two him lightly holding the seat and whispering encouragements to him.  Then I let go.  Luckily we had brought wes with us so he distracted him a little as they sped down the path.  After about 25 yards Aiden looked back and noticed I was gone.  He slowed down and stopped.

After turning around we did it again this time after I let go he never stopped even after discovering that I wasn’t holding on anymore.

We are really very proud of him.  He loved riding his bike today

I shot some video of him riding as well:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is very similar to a shot taken of me after I learned to ride in my cousins driveway:

Wes was a big help all day as he played the hare for Aiden to keep up with.   Great Job Wes.  wesley added that he will learn to ride a two wheeler in September, when his birthday comes around . . . I think he’s looking for a new bike!

101 in 1001 Family fun video

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