Great Driving Songs

It’s been a while since I dropped your into the Kovacs jukebox to see what’s on the hot list so I thought I’d show you one of my favorite songs right now.

This is a song that you have to listen to while driving with the windows down and the volume turned all the way up. One great driving song. It’s Airbourne – “Running Wild”

In fact I should put together a CD will all the best driving songs . . . what would you recommend? Leave a comment with your vote for what should be on the CD.

fun Music video

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  1. A new favorite of mine: Ain’t Nothing Wrong with That by Robert Randolph; Life is a Highway by Tom Cochrane; Epic by Faith No More; My Doorbell by White Stripes.

    I saw got to you through my blog and I see that this is an older post for you, however I like my music too so thought I would share.

    Hope the CD turned out good.

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