The Chinese Strike A Blow Against Christmas

So my huge project to coming to a close at work and I’m finally ready to celebrate Christmas.  So I decided we are really going to go grizwald this year with the lights.

Nothing is better in a recession than a completely gratuitous Christmas lghts display.

So today Wes and I pull out everylight we used last year, both inside and out and drag them all outside.  Last year was the first year I very neatly rolled them up on extenstion cord hangers I wouldn’t have to spend half the morning untangling them.  Aren’t I smart.  Wes and I carefully laid every string on the ground and moved on to testing.

We had 20 strings of lights . . .and two worked!  I could not beleive the number of lights that didn’t work so I changed my extension cord thinking something was wrong with the testing rig . . . Nope.  The damn Chinese made holiday lights, which I purchase last year, had a 90% failure rate.  Un flippin believable.

Wes was, of course, disappointed that we couldn’t decorate any more than one tree. 

Wes and the Broken Lights
Wes and the Broken Lights


But like Clark Grizwald I won’t give up.  I may kick the crap out of a plastic Santa but I won’t giveup!

Boys . . .  . let’s go  . . . .we’re going to Walmart!

Family fun video

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