Jack Bauer Should Have Died!

I just finished watching in the last episode of season 7 of 24 and I feel like I’ve been robbed.  I am a huge Jack Bauer fan, and I’ve religiously followed 24 from season 2 until this debacle they call a season.

This was the most convoluted, disconnected, and by far the worst season of 24 ever.

Here are my 24 Season 7 Awards:

Worst FBI Agent in the History of Bureau  and Worst Jack Babe to Date

Annie Wersching playing Renee Walker – Lauren and I joked through the entire second half of the season “and here comes the worst FBI agent in history!”  Blowing it again for Jack and Co.

Worst FBI Agent On Television
Worst FBI Agent On Television


Day 7 Jumped the Shark When …

Tony Alameda invites Jack to the reflecting pool to tell him that another attack is going to happen.  Except these will be completely unrelated to the events in the first act of the story except both bad guys are from the same African country.  OOOOOOO!  Watch out for those Sengalans.

Worst Sub Plot …

Chloe O’Brien pitted against the annoying Janeane Garofalo playing the more annoying Janis Gold in a I can top you side by side technology forensic ironchef competition.  Where secret ingredient is “Fake Techno Babble Bullshit”!  BTW if you are a real fan you know NO ONE can touch Chloe.

Person We Most Wanted to See Die and Were Denied … 

Annie Wersching playing Renee Walker – Congratulations on your second award of the night, although technically your first award was “a double” … which is exactly what we needed to believe that someone as brainless as her character could even get through Quantico. 

Person We Hated to See Die …

James Morrison as Bill Buchanan his death was completely unnecessary.

I Almost Shot My TV When …

Tony admits to Jack that he had to fake being bad, while he was being good, as he was faking being bad.  All to avenge his dead wife.  Really, that why you took us on this fly-ridden dung heap of a season.  BANG! 

The “A Drama Club Student from Brentsville District Could Have Acted Better Than Award” …

Cherry Jones playing President Allison Taylor.  Awful … makes we want to puke.

Yeah they tried to pass her off as the President
Yeah they tried to pass her off as the President



If the writers truely loved the character of Jack Bauer they would have let him die instead of potentially having his good name dragged through another pile of crap like this season.

It would have been the honorable thing to do.

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