What is D-Day?

I was appalled yesterday by the number of people who were celebrating D-Day as National Doughnut Day.  They thought that’s what D-Day was.  There were thousands of tweets saying “What’s D-Day?”  “Glad I got my D-Day Doughnut”.  It made me sick.

So for those of you who don’t know what D-Day is I offer this history lesson:

The fact that many people, especially young people, don’t know what D-Day truly means is a failure of our school system, their parents and perhaps society at large.  Our public school systems have become academies of mediocrity, parents have neglected their responsibility to truly educate their children and instead try to bribe their good behavior with more material things.  As a society, we are becoming so disgustingly obsessed with ourselves that there is little need to know anything but what our next status update is going to be.

D-Day forces us to consider that EVIL exists and is manifest in the world, even today.  And that is it the responsibility of the righteous to confront and destroy it not for our own sake but for those who cannot fight for themselves.  Remember the American, Canadian, and British forces that landed on D-Day were NOT defending their homelands but instead were defending the right of those who could no longer fight to life and liberty.  65 Years later that lesson is more important than ever.

FDR’s Speech on the 6/6/1944

Regan’s Speech on the 40th Anniversary of D-Day  6/6/1984

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