Sync iPhone to Google Calendars

It seemed redudant to me to have a seperate Google Mobile application on my iPhone to see the calendar items from my Google Calendar when the iPhone has a perfectly fine calendar built in.  (I would not go so far as it call it perfectly good.)  But everytime I’d re-discover this problem, I’d go to iTunes and under the calendar options it repeatedly told me that “No Supported Calendar Application Could be Found”. 

So, tonight when this issue again bubbled to the top of mind, I started searching for “What are the Best iPhone Calendar Apps” and “Sync iPhone and Google Calendar” and I came across this webpage:

If you follow these directions and use “gmail” where they say to use “googlemail” it works perfectly.  Now my Google Calendars automatically sync with my iPhone.  And the best part is …it works for Contacts as well.  Give it a try.

iPhone Technology

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