Best Wine Under $6

When the screened porch was finished my parents came over with two bottles of wine as deck warming presents.

One of those bottles has become my favorite wine of the summer season.

2007 Beringer Muscato

I’m not a huge sweet wine fan. I think Muscadine wines are vile and while zinfindel has very little flavor. But I am in love with this Muscato, we’ve had four bottles since that first one we were given. It has a great fresh flavor with a bit of sweetness. Great for hanging out on the deck with friends after dinner.

And here is the best part of all you can buy it at Walmart for less than $6. It must be catching on because when I picked up two bottles this afternoon there there only three left. Almost every other wine was packed on the shelf with a big hole where this wine is. You should get this wine if you can. You’ll love it.

Kofacts Rating: 3 out of 5

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