Disney’s Rules of Brainstorming

So a couple of months ago I attended a conference where a Disney trainer shared their secrets or rules for brainstorming sessions.  I used them several time already and have had a couple of employees ask me for them so they could use them in their meetings.

I thought I would share them here for everyone and document them for my own future reference.

Disney’s Rules for Brainstorming

1.  No Boundaries – Nothing is too far a field of “off subject”.  Go with it and see where you end up!

2.  Be Positive – Nothing will sour a brainstorming session faster than if you start complaining about something or someone.  Everyone is here to find solutions to the problem not to wallow in it.

3.  No Judgements (Positive or Negative) – Negative judgements on someone’s contribution can shut down the individual – Positive Judgements create barriers that limit discussion.

4.  Ideas are Seperate From Your Identity – Once you share it the idea belongs to the team you don’t need to defend it or make your idea better, the entire team can do that.

5.  Everyone is Creative – Everyone Can Contribute to the Discussion

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