So is This What 35 is Gonna Be Like?

This morning while I was still laying in bed, my wife pulled me close whispered Happy Birthday and then got up to take a shower.  I turned over and fell back asleep.  While I dozed off I had a dream. . .

In this dream I was wearing lot of heavy winter clothes walking through several stores in a large mall with the intention of getting “back to my car”.  I was carrying a couple of bags as slowly I negotiated stairs, turnstiles, and multiple sets of doors.

Finally, having passed through about five stores, I get outside the last store and realize that my car wasn’t there.  It was parked back at the first store.  And as I considered how to turn around and walk back the way I came, I had a thought. 

“Wouldn’t it be alot easier just to wake up?”

So I did.  That’s right, I was soo lazy I wouldn’t even walk through a mall in a dream.

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