You Want What for Christmas?

Last night we took the boys to Picture People for their semi-annual portraits.  Afterwards they told us it would be 20 minutes so we decided to walk around the mall and maybe check out the wait to see Santa.

Indeed, even on a Friday night, the line for Santa was non-existent.  So the boys took their spot in the queue waiting for one little boy to take a picture with the Big Man.

For the first time all three boys had no problem going up and talking to Santa.  They climbed on his chair and his lap and took a great picture.  Afterall they had just come from their latest photo shoot.

The Boys With Santa


While I’m proofing the photo with the help of Santa’s Elves, who by the way looked like they just rolled in fom a tractor-pull, Santa begins to ask the boys what they’d like for Christmas.  As I finished up I walked over to listen and I hear Wesley say “I want a Bakugan, a Four-Wheeler, and a… a… a… Towel.”

Santa looks at me and says “A Towel?” with a puzzeled look on his face. 

I shrugged my shoulders and said “I dunknow”.

Santa finished up with the boys who thanked him and wished him a safe flight on Christmas Eve. 

On the way back through the mall I couldn’t help but ask Wes, “Why did you tell Santa you wanted a Towel”.

Clearly Wesley was very disappointted in himself, “Daddy I got nervous …. I couldn’t think of my third thing … I’ve got to go home and look at my list.  Can we come back tomorrow after I check my list …. I don’t want Santa to bring me a Towel Daddy.”

For the record, the third thing on his list was a GI Joe Snake Eyes Action Figure …. he’s going to get Snake Eyes but he’s going to be wrapped in a towel.  😉

Family funny

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