I’m no Toys ‘R’ Us Kid

Aiden got a present from a family member who lives out of town for Christmas and unfortunately it did not work. It clearly came from Toys ‘R’ Us so we swung by to Exchange it for another this afternoon.

As we approached the Service Desk they had not one but two 8 1/2 by 11 pieces of paper taped to the light that read a “Receipt is Required for all Returns and Exchanges”. I couldn’t believe that in today’s world any store would require a receipt for a like exchange. So I waited in line to confirm the policy. Aiden was really bummed so I told him that if they would not exchange it, I would buy him one to replace it.

Indeed they will not accept any toy for an exchange even when it clearly came from their store and they have it in stock …without a receipt. I explained that it was from a relative out of town and of course we had no receipt. They could not be of any help.

So while we are still at the counter, Aiden asked if he could go ahead a pick something else out or get a new one to replace it. I told him loud enough for anyone in a six foot radius to hear. We’ll get a new one Buddy but I’m certainly not going to give Toys ‘R’ Us any of my money.

We went around the corner to Best Buy and Aiden picked out a new game for the Wii.

Toys R Us Sucks
Geoffery Can Take a Hike

As far as I’m concerned, I will never buy another thing from Toys ‘R’ Us most of their stores have already been closed and the ones they have are inconvenient as it is. I’m not sure if this is a corporate policy or just something this one store choose to do but to not accept a like for like exchange at Christmas is absolutely unbelievable. Good Bye!

Business stupid

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