We Are In Trouble …

So Saturday afternoon we were heading up to our first Durham Bulls game with my Cousin Steve visiting from Toronto.  As we  were driving on the highway Wesley calls from the back seat of van and says.

“Daddy, I know what you call a HOT girl.”

There was a moment of disbelief which hung in the van.  No one could believe his was coming from our 6 year old.

I responded, “Wesley what do you mean by HOT?”

“I mean when a girl is very beautiful Daddy, not like when she is warm.”

Still silence hung in the air.  I know I shouldn’t have but I had to ask. “Wesley. what do you call a very beautiful girl?”

“A Hottie!”

The three adults in the car were trying to maintain our composure.  But I had to respond, after all his Mother is now snickering in the passenger seat, looking at me with the “You Wanted to Have All Boys” look again.”

“Wes, it’s not appropriate for you to call any girl HOT or a HOTTIE, they don’t like that. It’s disrespectful.  They want you to see them as ……”

Wesley interrupts, “Does that mean I shouldn’t whistle at them either?”  and then he let out a wolf whistle.

“No Wesley, that is also disrespectful.”

I turned to Lauren and said, “We’ve got a little Hugh Hefner in the back seat”. 

We are in sooo much trouble.

Family funny video

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