Geek Squad Agent’s Pledge

I’m reading Practically Radical by William C. Taylor and one of the interesting things he mentions is the Geek Squad Agent Pledge.  The pledge which each Agent is expected to sign says –  

I will:

1.  Never violate the trust of one of my clients or disrespect their property.

2.  Never say, “I don’t know.” Instead, say “I’ll find out.”

3.  Always understand that my client’s time is more valuable than my own.

4.  Assume every problem is my fault, unless proven otherwise.

5.  Consider my job done only when my client is completely overwhelmed with joy.  And instead of assuming they’re happy, I’ll ask them.

6.  Keep every promise I make, including this one.

What a simple and powerful statement of their values and beliefs that helps to align their 15,000 agents across the country … who by the way … generate more than $1 Billion in revenue annually.

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