Handling A Customer Problem Needs to Be Your Priority

So on May 28th, I took took the Celica in for an oil change to Jiffy Lube Store # 2741 in Garner, NC.  I also needed get a state inspection for my upcoming registration so I asked that they also perform that.  They performed all the necessary work very quickly and provided me with my receipts which clearly show the Safety and Emissions Inspection was completed and I passed.  So far everything was great …

This afternoon, when I went to pay my registration online, it says that my vehicle requires inspection and they have no record of one being performed, because of this I could not renew the registration on my car.

I retrieved my invoice and called the store and spoke to Aaron.  He apologized profusely took my information said indeed their system showed it had been performed and passed, but he would need to do some more research and call me back.  No problem, I said.

Then I started to wait …. and wait …. and wait.  At fours I thought I had waited long enough so I called back and spoke to Aaron again, he assured me that he hadn’t forgotten about me, but both of the State Inspection computers have been really busy to day with new customers coming in that they hadn’t had a chance to look my up in those systems yet.

Excuse me? Did you just say that an inspection I paid for 7 weeks ago, which apparently wasn’t filed correctly with the state, one which, as we speak, prevents me from registering my vehicle with the state was less of a priority then the next person who comes through the door who HASN”T ALREADY PAID FOR THEIR SERVICE.

I shared with him, that the logic he shared with me doesn’t really make sense, and that I needed to get a call back soon with what they expected to do next.

Another hour later …. I’m still waiting.

I would expect that when any of us encounters a customer with a problem that resolving that problem should become our number one priority.  The old adage is that anyone can make a mistake but it builds intense customer loyalty when you make a mistake and then fix it an a manner that impresses your customer.

A mistake is your moment of truth do you truly believe in providing good customer service or are you only interested in the next sale that walks through the door.  I guess I now know where Jiffy Lube’s priority is … and it isn’t the customer.


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  1. When a company makes a mistake like that they have the opportunity to turn an inconvenienced customer into a life long ambassador. It’s sad to hear that in this case, Jiffy Lube did not understand this concept.

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