1000 Days As A Lion

“It is better to live one day as a lion, than a thousand days as a lamb. ” – Roman Proverb

1000 Days as a Lion

When I was considering restarting the 101 Things in 1001 Days Challenge around the first of the year, I didn’t realize that a very important milestone was coming up in my life.  As I was considering when to begin this challenge, I knew I wanted to start it sometime in January and I then realized that January 16th, TODAY, is 1000 days away from my 40th birthday.

So I made the decision to officially start the challenge on January 15th,  yesterday, and today starts the countdown to my 40th Birthday, a fact a still find a little hard to believe.

To be clear, I’m not overly worried about turning 40 … 1000 days from now, I’ve never really cared about how old I was as long I still got a chance to see one more birthday.  But I find markers like this are a great opportunity to take measure of who I am and the person I’m still trying to become.   Instead of worrying about getting older, I’ll use this countdown and the 101 Things Project to attack the 1000 days and make the absolutely most of them.

The 101 Things are included on their own page and just as last time I’ve got to commit to coming up with the 101 Items, I’m such as slacker … something else to work on 😛

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