Did Lewis and Clark Complain?

It was just a little over 200 years ago that Lewis and Clark set out from St. Louis following the Louisiana Purchase to find the Northwest Passage. The journey would take more than two years and force the Corps of Exploration to endure two harsh winters. Eventually finding the Pacific Ocean near present day Portland, Oregon.

By contrast, today I find myself following nearly the same path … of course I’m jetting from Raleigh, North Carolina to Seattle, Washington in less then 6 hours, while enjoying movies and internet access at 30,000. I wonder if Lewis and Clark complained as much as we might be inclined to about the hardships for our trip? Of course they had to contend with unforgiving weather and hostile native peoples, but come on we’re dealing with crying babies, spilled drinks, slow internet connections and the occasionally un-friendly stewartesses. So what’s become of us? Has our ability to endure been so diminished?

I mean we can post new blog messages from 30,000 as I’m doing right now. What do we have to complain about? We should be amazed at what we can do!

Blogging from 30,000 Feet, K

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