Looking Back

August 16, 2012 has given me a reason to look back at my career; a reason to look back at the people I got the great opportunity to work for; and an opportunity to reminisce about the incredible people I’ve gotten the chance to work with. And as I do I am overwhelmed by a sense of deep gratitude.

I’m thankful for the Managers who gave me a shot, challenged me, and pushed me to be better. Managers who pushed me to open my vision, to solve problems in new and unique ways and to never be satisfied. I could never highlight everything I’ve learned and who I learned it from.

“Time fades the pages in my book of memories.” – Axel Rose, Guns and Roses

I’ve benefited from a line of great mangers like Ernie LeMaitre at Navy Federal who taught me the power of thoughtful silence, the value of knowing your numbers, and invited me to be a part of a great team.

I’ve benefited from friends who held and sometimes kicked open doors me. Supervisors and Friends like Thai Nugyen and Mike Ferris who showed me the power of being willing to do ANYTHING for their employees, including dressing up like Michael Flatley! That still cracks me up.

I’m grateful to Supervisors like Loreice Jernigan who offered me a chance to join a credit union again after I detoured for a couple years. A detour that I will add was also extremely valuable to my development, thanks to Keith Calabrese.

I am the product of all the time and energy my Managers have invested in me since the first day I walked into Navy Federal in 1990.

I’m most thankful for the loving support and encouragement from my wife, Lauren. After all if she hadn’t pushed me for a promotion, I’d probably still be a Training Specialist … God I loved that job and I probably never would have left it but she was right it was “time to move on”.

You might be asking yourself why am I being so nostalgic, well today is a waypoint in my career… It happens to be my 20th Anniversary working in Credit Unions. I call it a waypoint because this journey is nowhere near being over and I’m as excited today about going to work as I was that first day.

Tonight I’m flying home after spending 5 days in California at a Credit Union School on Financial Management and I had an intense but invigorating experience working with a new group of friends drawn from credit unions all over the country. The thing that has sustained me throughout my career has been the people. Credit Unions and the people who make them up are special, they balance the need to make sustainable decisions with the needs of their members in ways that can be inspiring.

And the best part … I’ve got another 27 years till retirement; Man I can’t wait to get back in the office tomorrow!



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