Ride the Lightning? That will be $29, please!

Yesterday Apple announced the release of the iPhone 5 which included the revamping of the power and sync connection from a 30 PIN socket to a new branded socket called Lightning. This represents the first time Apple has changed the connector that has existed for 9 years to connect their devices to everything from chargers to clock radios and stereo systems. They announced that there would of course be an adapter that would allow you to continue to use the cords and devices you’ve already purchased.

Today I went online and found this on their store.

Apple wants $29 for the adapter, WHAT?!?!?!?! Are you kidding me? For something that probably costs a $1 to make? No wonder some are saying that Apple could make $100M off the connectors alone. But now they are hearing from their customers on social media who are aghast at the added expenses.


This is a huge opportunity that Apple has squandered. If you assume that they did indeed have to change it to create room in the new device, why not include one adapter in each new iPhone you sell? After all even Dell did that as they were transitioning from a PS2 Keyboard Connection to the USB …. you got an adapter in the box. Their fans would have fallen all over themselves pointing to what could have been a huge customer service win.

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