C25K – Week One

I’ve completed the first week of the Couch to 5K Program. So far I feel great, surprisingly so as I would have expected some soreness from not having run with any regularity in the last 10 months.

The the App on my iPhone works as advertised, although I’d like to be able to raise the volume of the “trainer’s” voice and there is no option to do that. The system does lower the volume of any music that is playing when the trainer speaks but the voice could still be a little louder.

So far I have completed all of the training runs on a treadmill in the gym … it is December after all. I’ll try to incorporate one outside run a week during January because in the past I’ve noticed significant differences between training on a treadmill and actually going for a run outside.

I’ve started using the Push-up and Sit-up apps as well, they are just as easy to use.

During this process, I’ll be weighing in each Friday and (gulp) sharing it here to determine if I’m making a progress toward my other fitness goals.

Weigh In: 12/28/2012 – 279.1

C25K Exercise iPhone

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