C25K – Week 4

The beginning of week 4 was a potential turning point.  On the first workout of the week I was winded and my left knee hurt.  This was easily a point where that little voice in my head was saying “What are you doing to yourself”  “I told you this would happen” “Stop this nonsense”, but I powered through.

I spoke to some friends and started taking a supplement for my joints, Glucosamine and Chondroitin.  The guy at GNC also recommended Fish Oil which I already take on and off.  Guess I should make it more on.

The other two workouts were spectacular in fact I ended up extending both my other indoor and outdoor runs beyond the prescribed in the app.  I felt really good after both of those those.  My outdoor run on Saturday marks the half way point to running a 5K.

It feels really great to have invested a month in this and to have seen the results as quickly as I have.  It hasn’t all been easy, there were a few hills both physically and metaphorically that I could have given up on but I didn’t.

Weigh In:  1/18/13 – 273.8 – Lost 5.3 Pounds – 1.9%

Blogging C25K Exercise

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