C25K – Week 5 and 6

As of today I have completed run #2 of week 6 and am looking forward to finishing week six with an outside run this afternoon.

Weeks 5 and 6 have really been great. The difficultly and self-doubt of weeks 3 and 4 are clearly behind me. I’m no longer using the C25K app when I run on the treadmill because the training intervals have become so long there is only one walk period in the whole workout.

I’m also extending the workouts to longer periods. I’m completing a 5K each and every time I run now, that of course includes the warm up walk, the walking interval and the cool down walk. But hey 5K is 5K.


My attention over the last four workouts has gradually evolved to be less concerned with finishing and more concerned about my time after finishing. I take this as a very good sign of my progress. As a part of that the Nike+ running app has become my go to training app although, I still use the training breakdowns in the other.

But I know I still have a long way to go. I was doing my outdoor run last week for week five and “running” through my neighborhood when a young woman who was really running shot past me and down the street. She was flying! It was inspiring as it clearly showed there are a lot more I could look forward to even after finishing the 5K in April.

I may be on week 6 but this is still just the beginning.

Weigh In: 1/31/2013 – 270.7 lbs – Lost 8.4 Pounds – 3.0%

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