Timing is Everything

Sometimes you’ve got to wait till the circumstances are more conducive to your goal …

Today, Lauren called and said she was having a problem with phone AND she couldn’t access the internet. I asked and she said she had already restarted the Cable Modem, So I called Time Warner Cable to see if there were any reported outages in the area. Not much more I could do from the office.

I spoke to a lovely woman named Tameka who said there were not outages in our area, but she could see that the modem was not online and she offered to send out a tech. I asked to delay that request and that I would try to diagnose it when I got home. She even added that a loss of power on the modem would create the same condition. I thanked her and said I would call back as necessary.

Then as she was closing she said, “ hang-on a minute. I see you have Telephone and Internet through us, but not cable. Can we add that to your services?” I apologized and said, “ Tameka with all due respect, my Television is working fine, its my Telephone and Internet that AREN’T working right now.”

Probably not the best time to try and upsell me 😉


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