It’s Not What You Got, It’s What You Give

Part of my job at the Credit Union is to be an advocate for the Credit Union, our Members and the larger Credit Union Movement to elected officials that could fundamentally change our business with a single vote or the stroke of a pen.

This advocacy knows no party, so although my personal views are staunchly Libertarian I have to attend various political events for politicians for both parties.

This week Congressman David Price (D) visited Coastal to discuss efforts of Tax and Financial reform with our Senior Management Team and our Employees.  Congressman Price is not someone who shares a lot of my views but he showed himself to be someone who supports Credit Unions and our endeavors, although perhaps not enough to co-sponsor important legislation we are advocating for.  But nonetheless  we will take what we can get.

The topics we discussed covered much ground from Dodd Frank, to the Affordable Care Act and even Syria.  And of course there are many times when he would start in with “the opposition’s” unwillingness to give his party what they wanted.  As the discussion continued it occurred to me that too many of these political discussions begin and end with what the other party won’t do/give up.

I think we might be better served in Washington if we asked all of the members of Congress to write down on a piece of paper everything they are willing to give up, what positions are they willing to back off of.  If we started with that then we might have a fighting chance, but today, all to often the term bi-partisanship is cover for getting the other guy to give in what you want.  Politics has become a All or Nothing bloodsport and no one is winning.

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  1. I would argue that politics has always been this way. It’s the advancements in technology that allow us to see the bloodsport on a more regular basis.

  2. Your last paragraph should be placed on every billboard in and around the beltway in DC.
    And for good measure the belt line here in Raleigh.

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