Life Lessons – The Challenge and Bad Bacon

Part of the reason I write this blog is because I hope someday my children and God willing perhaps my grandchildren will find these writings and know a little bit more about their Dad or Grandpa. This is perhaps the thing I’ve not been entirely successful at so this year I’m going to change that. This year I’m going to write down one life lesson or little piece of wisdom I come across every week. That’s right 52 lessons, not all long items mind you but something that I hope adds some detail about what I believe is important.

I’ll take some and expand on the ideas as time allows, some will be things I learn as I attempt to close out my 101 Things to Complete in 1000 days leading up to my 40th birthday this year.

2014 is going to be an incredibly busy year but my resolution is to keep my eye on the long term stuff and not let the minutiae of the day to day bog down what we’re trying to do.

So here is Life Lesson #1: Bad bacon is better than no bacon.

There are things in our lives that by their very existence are good and Bacon is one of them. You never look at bacon and say that Bacon is Not Good Enough so I’m gonna wait for a better version of it, no you eat the imperfect bacon AND the perfect bacon if it does show up.  There are other of things in our lives that are even more important and they too may not be perfect but like bacon we should’t wait for the ideal version of them to dig in and enjoy. As a busy working parent I often find that I don’t have as much quality time as I would like with the kids but we keep trying to do our best, take what we can get and enjoy it instead of stressing that it isn’t enough. Time spent worrying or complaining about something doesn’t ever make it better it just takes away from what we could be doing.

Journal Life Lessons Project

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