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Read Faster!

Looking for that high impact training program for next year.  Soon Managers across the country will be reviewing their training needs and laying out plans for next year.  Let me offer a kind of wildcard you may not have thought of.  I was in exactly the same position last year.   And as I looked at…

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Know Your Product!

So I recently took an old Pentium II 660 MHZ PC and rebuilt it into a Ubuntu (Linux) machine for the boys to use. The process was not without it’s pitfalls but it worked in the end. The only thing they need a PC for is to connect to the Internet so they can visit…

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Obligatory First Post

Ok, since it’s required to provide the first post really in an effort to see if I ever want to use this site again.  I’ll create a news story and see if I like how it turns out.  so far word press is pretty easy to use and the navigation and editing is very user…

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