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File That One Under Dumb

So I’ve finished moving into my new desk at work. I was getting some things set up yesterday and I was trying to pull a group of hanging file folders out of the back of the bottom drawer of my desk. The group of files was stuck and they were not going to move. So…

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They Cannot Read Your Mind

Sometimes employees do things and you will be utterly amazed that anyone could do something so _______ (fill in the blank . . . .dumb, moronic, insensitive, career limiting, etc.) This can be especially hard on a manager when they manage experienced employees. If you supervise this group and one of these events occurs, your…

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Obligatory First Post

Ok, since it’s required to provide the first post really in an effort to see if I ever want to use this site again.  I’ll create a news story and see if I like how it turns out.  so far word press is pretty easy to use and the navigation and editing is very user…

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