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You Gotta Say Something

Read this blog long enough and you’ll hopefully see my given talent.  No it’s not the writing; unless you happen think that’s my talent …. then if so, you have my undying gratitude for your seemingly low standards.  It’s also not my uncanny ability to identify actors just by their voices which happens to be…

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Timing is Everything

Sometimes you’ve got to wait till the circumstances are more conducive to your goal … Today, Lauren called and said she was having a problem with phone AND she couldn’t access the internet. I asked and she said she had already restarted the Cable Modem, So I called Time Warner Cable to see if there…

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Geek Squad Agent’s Pledge

I’m reading Practically Radical by William C. Taylor and one of the interesting things he mentions is the Geek Squad Agent Pledge.  The pledge which each Agent is expected to sign says –   I will: 1.  Never violate the trust of one of my clients or disrespect their property. 2.  Never say, “I don’t…

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I’m no Toys ‘R’ Us Kid

Aiden got a present from a family member who lives out of town for Christmas and unfortunately it did not work. It clearly came from Toys ‘R’ Us so we swung by to Exchange it for another this afternoon. As we approached the Service Desk they had not one but two 8 1/2 by 11 pieces of…

Toys R Us Sucks

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