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You Gotta Say Something

Read this blog long enough and you’ll hopefully see my given talent.  No it’s not the writing; unless you happen think that’s my talent …. then if so, you have my undying gratitude for your seemingly low standards.  It’s also not my uncanny ability to identify actors just by their voices which happens to be…

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What is D-Day?

The fact that many people, especially young people, don't know what D-Day truely means is a failure of our school system, their parents and perhaps society at large.

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Know The Rules . . And Win

I’m listening to Jack Welch’s book Winning on tape.  Part of the book’s chapter on Managing your Company stressed hiring the right people and specifically hiring people who know the rules.  Presumeably people who understand the rules of their business are able to spot opportunities for pushing the business while still abiding by the letter…

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