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Geek Squad Agent’s Pledge

I’m reading Practically Radical by William C. Taylor and one of the interesting things he mentions is the Geek Squad Agent Pledge.  The pledge which each Agent is expected to sign says –   I will: 1.  Never violate the trust of one of my clients or disrespect their property. 2.  Never say, “I don’t…

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Sync iPhone to Google Calendars

It seemed redudant to me to have a seperate Google Mobile application on my iPhone to see the calendar items from my Google Calendar when the iPhone has a perfectly fine calendar built in.  (I would not go so far as it call it perfectly good.)  But everytime I’d re-discover this problem, I’d go to…

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Free Software – No Really

I was reading one of my daily idea generators from a social media blog called Mashable, and between some of the great stories it includes I found an advertisement for something called BizSpark. I’m not sure why, but I clicked through to see what it was and found an absolutely fantastic new service from Microsoft …

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