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Know The Rules . . And Win

I’m listening to Jack Welch’s book Winning on tape.  Part of the book’s chapter on Managing your Company stressed hiring the right people and specifically hiring people who know the rules.  Presumeably people who understand the rules of their business are able to spot opportunities for pushing the business while still abiding by the letter…

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They Cannot Read Your Mind

Sometimes employees do things and you will be utterly amazed that anyone could do something so _______ (fill in the blank . . . .dumb, moronic, insensitive, career limiting, etc.) This can be especially hard on a manager when they manage experienced employees. If you supervise this group and one of these events occurs, your…

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Read Faster!

Looking for that high impact training program for next year.  Soon Managers across the country will be reviewing their training needs and laying out plans for next year.  Let me offer a kind of wildcard you may not have thought of.  I was in exactly the same position last year.   And as I looked at…

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