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New Blog Entry Test

This is a test blog entry from my new MacBook Air using the MacJournal application. I’m adding a photo from our vacation over Thanksgiving. This photo was added with no sizing changes. How does it appear on the site? I had to change the image sizes manually so they weren’t fixed larger than the page…

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Disney’s Photopass a Do Over

The Kovacs clan took a trip to Walt Disney World in January whil the boys were tracked out of school.   Before we left we received an offer to pre-purchase a Disney Photopass for $100 before we left.  Not really understanding the Photopass system we disregarded the offer providing only slightly more consideration than a Shamwow…

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Darth Wesley

So Wesley tried his Halloween costume on and started to get into character.  We rolled video tape and we ended up with this great video: We’ll add this to Wesley’s Movie Collection.  You might have prviously seen this video:  Col.  Wessup Happy Halloween!

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