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How is Wine Like Golf?

They both have a ton a gadgets that well-intentioned relatives buy for interested family members at the holidays.  In fact most of these gadgets are more novelty than necessity.  So I may have thought when my parents gave us a Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator for Christmas, until I tried it last night.  Although I have declared 2010 the Year of White…

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Best Wine Under $6

When the screened porch was finished my parents came over with two bottles of wine as deck warming presents. One of those bottles has become my favorite wine of the summer season. 2007 Beringer Muscato I’m not a huge sweet wine fan. I think Muscadine wines are vile and while zinfindel has very little flavor.…

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2008 Georges Dubeuf Nojolais

One of the great signs of the season is the release of the Beaujolais Nouveau.  The Beaujolais region in France has made a name for this wine largely through maintaining the tradition of its release and producing what is typically a pretty good wine.  That was until this year. I picked up a bottle of George…

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