It is said that Thomas Jefferson would pass around a list of books which he felt was necessary for a young man to become a truly educated gentleman and like many in his day he also kept a CommonPlace book into which he would copy the writings of others that he thought were profound or thought provoking.  This page shall represent both of those ideas, with a modern 21st century flair.

In the world of increasing “noise” it’s important to distill the very best ideas into a list which can be easily shared with others for consideration.  In the same manner if someone wants to stand out from the crowd they must take on the responsibility of training themselves through the education that can be provided through these resources.

In other words … read these books because they have important lessons for you to learn.  Subscribe to this blog and bookmark this page so you can know when something new is added.

Start with the Basics:
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People – Covey
How to Win Friends and Influence People – Carnegie
QBQ!  The Question Behind the Question – Miller
A Message to Garcia – Hubbard
The 80% Approach – Sullivan

Business and Leadership:
Good to Great – Collins
It’s Your Ship – Abrashoff
The Goal – Goldratt & Cox
Delivering Happiness – Hsieh
The Wild Idea Club – Krall
Drive – Pink
Winning – Welch
Workplace Poker – Rust
Platform Revolution – Parker, Van Alstyne, Choudary
Traction – Wickman
Inspired – Cagan

Personal Development:
Legend of the Monk and the Merchant – Felber
The Five People You Meet in Heaven – Albom
Three Cups of Tea – Mortenson & Relin
Rhinoceros Success – Alexander
5 1/2 Mentors – Stewart
Atomic Habits – Clear

Ghost in the Wires – Mitnick
The Soul of a New Machine – Kidder
The Machine Stops – Forster

History (Learn It or Repeat It):
Too Big to Fail – Sorkin
Thomas Jefferson – Bernstein
George Washington’s Secret Six – Kilmeade

Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Kiyosaki
Total Money Makeover – Ramsey

So What Do You Think?

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